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Latgale Region Development Agency
Saules iela 15, Daugavpils
Tel./Fax. +371 654 28111

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Latgale Region Development Agency
The Latgale Region Development Agency (LRDA) was founded in 1999 for the purpose of ensuring implementation of and supervision over plans for development of the region. The LRDA was founded by local governments of Latgale Region. Its activities contributed to implementation of many EU funded projects, where the Agency gained experience in raising EU funding and implementation of projects.
On 26 October 2004, the Latgale Region Development Agency changed its legal status due to revision of legislation of the Republic of Latvia, and the non-commercial limited liability company became the society Latgale Region Development Agency (LRDA). In the process of reorganization the statutes of the agency were improved, which now prescribed that the highest decision-making body of the Agency is now the general meeting of members; the General Meeting elects the Council that acts between the General Meetings and supervises the work of the Director of the LRDA.
The General Meeting is responsible for implementation of the strategic objectives of LRDA operations and their connection to the compliance and implementation of regional development priorities set up by Latgale Planning Region Development Council.
Between the General Meetings, the Council elected for four years manages the work of the Latgale Region Development Agency. The LRDA Council is composed of representatives of all members of the Agency. The Council ensures implementation of resolutions of the General Meeting, supervises activities of the Agency and decides on its improvement, as well as carries other actions.
The Director of the Agency manages and represents the Latgale Region Development Agency, and ensures implementation of resolutions of the General Meeting, the Council and the Latgale Planning Region Development Council; represents the interests of the LRDA in state and local government institutions and organizations in the Republic of Latvia and abroad, as well as settles other everyday issues of the LRDA activities.
The course of action of the Latgale Region Development Agency is closely linked with strategic development course of the Latgale Region set in the documents of the region planning.
According to the institutional concept of the LRDA systematized by the LRDA (Latgale Region Development Strategy) the Latgale Region Development Agency has the following general objectives:
  • To ensure the best vertical (national – regional) and horizontal (at the national level and on the regional level) integration among all partners involved in regional policy, planning and development;
  • To establish a strong and effective regional structure to represent the region and to make decisions on important issues of the region at the regional level;
  • To ensure decentralized “bottom to top” development planning by means of consolidated regional capacity in planning, programming and implementation of regional development.
Association “Latgale Region Development Agency”
Registration number: 41503023129
Daugavpils, Saules street 15,
Lv-5401, Latvia
Phone/fax: (+371)654 28111
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Latgale Region Development Agency
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