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Latgale Region Development Agency
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Latgale Planning Region
Latgale Planning Region is a derived public person that has been established in accordance with the Regional Development Law and its activity has been financed from the state principal budget. Latgale Planning Region has been founded in August 2006 with the aim to ensure the planning and co-ordination of regional development, and co-operation between local government and other state administrative institutions. In June 2006 Saeima of the Republic of Latvia has adopted the amendments to the „Regional Development Law” (in force from 01.08.2006) and granted a legal status to the planning regions. Latgale Planning Region is one of the five planning regions in Latvia. Latgale Planning Region acts under the supervision of the Ministry of Regional Development and Local Government in accordance with Regional Development Law, Territorial Development Planning Law, Latgale Planning Region Regulations and other laws and regulations in force.

The territory of Latgale Planning Region:

  • 19 counties – Aglona county, Baltinava county, Balvi county, Cibla county, Dagda county, Daugavpils county, Ilūkste county, Kārsava county, Krāslava county, Līvāni county, Ludza county, Preiļi county, Rēzekne county, Riebiņi county, Rugāji county, Vārkava county, Viļaka county, Viļāni county, Zilupe county;
  • 2 cities of the republican significance (Daugavpils and Rezekne);
  • Total 14 547 sq. km (or 22.52% of Latvia total territory) and includes 21 local governments.
Number of Latgale Planning Region inhabitants:
  • 394 058 (or 16% of the total number of inhabitants in the state).

Latgale Planning Region Development Council (LPRDC):

  • represents the position and interests of local governments of Latgale;
  • organizes and manages the elaboration and implementation of the long-term development plan and strategy;
  • represents interests of Latgale Planning Region on political level.

Functions of Latgale Planning Region:

  • Elaboration of Latgale Region Planning documents (spatial planning, development programmes, etc.);
  • Coordination of planning documents on the regional and national level;
  • Ensuring of cooperation between Latgale local governments and state institutions in the issues of regional development;
  • Defence of Latgale region interests on the state level.

Latgale Planning Region organisational structure (see the chart “Latgale Planning Region organisational structure” attached)

  • Latgale Planning Region Development Council - decision-making body;
  • Latgale Planning Region Administration – executive body;
  • Cooperation Committee – ensures the cooperation of the region with the Ministries;

Contact details of Latgale Planning Region:

  • 95 Atbrīvošanas aleja, Rēzekne, LV – 4600, LATVIA, phone/fax +371 64624300
  • 11 Tirgoņu Street, Rīga, LV – 1050, LATVIA, phone/fax +371 67224044
  • 15 Saules Street, Daugavpils, LV-5401, LATVIA, pphone: +371 65428111 fax: +371 65423801
  • 1a Bērzpils Street, Balvi, LV-4500, LATVIA, phone/fax: +371 64522935
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Latgale Planning Region structure:


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